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Profile Of MingmeiShowIt

  • I'm a female
  • I'm 30 Y/O
  • I want to meet a man in (join us to find out)
  • Body type: Busty
  • Hair color: Brunette
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian.

fun, outgoing, into trying new things, love anything forbidden or taboo and also the risk of being caught [ex. like having sex in public] I am a bit of an exibitionist. Basically looking mainly for more girls to run around with and get into trouble 🙂 You can never have enough girlfriends to go out and play with. I'm basically your typical girl with a bit of a naughty side looking to play :)I love watching my clit slightly gliding against someone else's clit and having our pussies rub together until we both cum insanely hard at the same time. what makes it even better is to have someone watching as we do it and seeing their cock grow harder as he wants to reach out and join us but instead he starts stroking himself staring at us intently…. also I have a fantasy where me and a girl friend of mine are getting fucked and the guy sticks his dick deep in her pussy getting his cock wet with all of her wetness then squeezing it deep into me and making sure he moves his dick all around so her wetness/cum touches every part of me deep inside then takes it out of me & goes deep in her again and switches it up a few times